What’s in a name? I think that’s a very good question. What is in a name? A whole ton of things! Your heritage, a memory, your title, your description, your essence, a lot of things go into a name. I remember growing up always hearing “don’t ruin the family name” and never really thought much of it. At least not until now.

Growing up I seriously had no idea who I was. I knew my parents. I knew where I came from. I knew my culture. I knew the town I lived in. But I didn’t know who Heilala was. I let a lot of other people define me. I did a lot of things I am still not proud of to this day. Most of it was because I was trying to “fit” the mold I was given or what other people thought of me. I went through a lot of trials that I completely hated and wished for death on so many occasions. I didn’t understand why I was given my lot. Not until recently.

And even with all this knowledge of why I went through what I went through, I still have no idea who Heilala is!


For the next month, I am going to dedicate all of my time and energies on ME.

I’m going to learn about HEILALA. And I want to invite you to join me!

I know November is the month of gratitude and December is the month of service and giving, and I will do all that, BUT how can you give of others if your own cup is not full?

I have no problem giving my time away. Ask my husband. He’s always complaining that I have no time for him (sorry love). I am always wanting to serve and do so much for other people, that I’ve lost the essence of who I am.

This does not mean that I am becoming a hermit and am no longer allowing anyone in my home. This just means that I am going to take the time to take care of myself, and learn about the different things I love, while doing my every day tasks and things.

Most people are probably thinking “aint that what you ‘posed to do?”

Well yes. But as a mom, a wife, a volunteer, an entrepreneur, I think I’ve lost a little of me along the way. SO I’m going back to square one and serving myself first.

I will post everyday on IG to share with you something new I learned about lil ‘ol me. If you want to join me use #lovinourname and #lovinHeilala. Use the hashtag with your name as well and share it with your friends!! I’ll be going til the end of December.

I guess this will be a huge, worldwide, get to know you game 🙂 So lmk if you’ll join me in the comments or on IG/FB!