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We currently live in Utah but will be relocating really soon! I am completely nervous as I’ve grown accustomed to Utah life and Utah prices and will need to rearrange everything basically. So SURPRISE!!! We’re moving!

Although we are relocating, we will definitely be back. My daughter Maria is here in Utah so my heart will be here forever.

Where are we moving, do you ask???


Yep, you heard it here first folks. I’m going home. Home to the islands. Home to paradise.

Now if you know me… you know I do not like living in Hawaii. Lol. 3 reasons: 1) It’s far from EVERYTHING. Hawaii is the most isolated island chain on the planet. It costs hundreds of dollars and hours of airplane travel just to LEAVE the tiny state. 2) It’s expensive. I can buy food and do meal prep for my husband for a whole week on less than $100. You cannot do that in Hawaii. Unless you live on beans and potatoes and unfortunately… my children only like the latter. 3) It’s so small. The whole island is like 2 hours to go around. I just feel trapped sometimes.

Now don’t get me wrong. Hawaii does have it perks. There’s my mom, the food, the ocean, there really are no dangerous animals on the island, the food, the other islands, the food, people are so kind and friendly and filled with the Aloha spirit, the food, it’s paradise, and basically the food. Can you tell what I’m most excited about??? Lol.

Regardless, we are moving because we feel prompted to. We feel that’s where we are needed and that’s where we’re going.

I am excited for our new adventures and how fun it’ll be but I am also extremely sad that I am leaving my favoritest place on earth. So yes, I am admitting, Utah is my most favorite place on earth. But I will be back and I will hopefully be better, wiser, and thinner. LOL.

See you on the beach somewhere in Hawaii!


Lala G

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