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Home Again

There’s something about being home again that just makes home, HOME. I grew up both in Utah and Hawaii and for a little while had a little bit of an identity crisis. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I realized there were a few things that made home, HOME.

The one thing I absolutely love about being here at home is my Momma. I love having her near. Although she sometimes drives me up the wall, and maybe my husband too, she really is my rock. I call her about almost everything. When I just need to chat, she’s my go to. I just love her and adore her and admire her and emulate her and she TRULY is a woman I want to grow up to be like. Having her home cooking makes me realize why I wanted to learn how to cook in the first place. Watching her with my kids makes me wonder why I never appreciated her as a child. Seeing how much she LOVES having us here makes me wonder why I never wanted to move home in the first place. I love having her around and will be enjoying every minute with her. And my dad. He’s the best too. We don’t talk as much but he is a man of action more than a man of words. And I’ve appreciated having him close too.

The other great thing about being home is my siblings. I only had one sibling in Utah and he was always busy and far away. These guys get me all day everyday. Lucky them! They drive me crazy sometimes but I really missed having them while I was in Utah. There are few people who get me and get my jokes. There are also even fewer people who get my personality type and craziness. They really are so lucky. Lol.

I also will admit that this humidity is doing me GOOD. My skin looks great. My hair is full again. And I don’t have to use lotion or chapstick all the time either. Even though I feel sticky like.. all day, at least I’m not ashy and cracking everywhere. (TMI? sorry)

And food. Yeah food. Best. Food. Yup.

It really has been awesome to be home again. Showing the kids all the places I used to go and where we lived and what we did has been fun too. They have loved it here so far. Granted we’ve only been here a couple of days but it’s been fun that’s for sure.

I think what makes home, HOME is people who love you and get you. I think it’s the memories and the places that make your heart flutter with joy. I think it’s the shared love for a place, a people, a time, and even a purpose. Moving home was hard because I felt like I was leaving home. Utah is also home to me. There were many people I was so sad to say goodbye to. There were many places I fell in love with that just felt LIKE home. There were so many good things I felt like I was leaving behind. But moving here to Hawaii has also been like moving home again. And that has been an amazing experiences.

Granted, we haven’t been here very long and I’m probably just trying to convince myself that it’s ok to be here, but it really has been an amazing experience. Everything leading up to this move was kind of a complete miracle itself. It has been an eye opener for me. And now that I’m here, the adrenaline has worn off, the magic is starting to fade, and my new “real life” is coming upon me, I feel excited for what new adventures await us.

I admit, I 1000% miss Utah. I will miss our adventures. I will miss the red rock. I will miss the rockies. I will miss my Lehi Fa Taha family. I will miss my Eaglecrest 1 ward neighborhood. And I will miss our little house on the corner of 600 W. But of all the things I miss, I will definitely miss my sweet angel Maria the most. How do I know I’ll be home again? Because our home will never be complete without her. And if that means I have to fly home to Utah to be with her… then so be it.

Home really is where your heart resides. Fortunately, my heart wanders and right now, my heart is at Cedar Breaks lying in a truck falling asleep way past it’s bedtime. Where is your home? And what makes your home, HOME? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time friends. Who knows… we just might end up somewhere else the next time I write.

All my love,

-Lala G.

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