The Worst Investment I Ever Made

That’s right. 

I’m going there. 

And this isn’t even a rant. It is more of a moment of clarity. 

I finally get it. 

I finally get what I did wrong. I am here to help YOU not make the same mistake.

So a few years ago, I was kind of in a rut. I realized that I didn’t like the regular 9-5. I wasn’t a day-in, day-out kind of person. I have a short attention span and I am kind of spontaneous. Having a regular day job was just not my thing. BUT, I couldn’t live life broke. My husband made decent money and we weren’t doing bad. I just wanted more.

I wanted to travel. I loooooooove traveling. I wanted to cross the globe and prove to the world that I could do it! I wanted to make money on the go. I wanted to eat where ever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I didn’t want a fancy car. I definitely don’t want a big house. I don’t care for nice clothes. I also don’t like wearing shoes. At least not all the time. I don’t care for bags or new gadgets or anything that costs money. All I wanted was to go places and eat new food. Or eat foods that I’m obsessed with and then I hate for a long time. I’m that kind of person.

So here I was with this new dilemma. What do I do? How do I do all my traveling and eating without a 9-5 job? 

That meant I needed to find a “job” that fit me.

While on this journey I had a friend who was doing some “coaching”. He was teaching skills and lessons that would help people create value in all the areas of their lives. Who wants to be rich and sad? Or who wants to be fit and broke? It was about having abundance in all the aspects of our lives.

My husband had the  bought a $1000 package for 1 hour sessions every week for 6 months. This worked well for my husband. He got it. He totally got it. He totally gets it.

I, on the other hand, had a difficult time with the information. I could see how it worked but I couldn’t see how it would work with ME. It connected some dots but not ALL the dots. But I wanted HIS life. I wanted to do the “coaching”. Helping people and making your own schedule. Working from whenever to whenever or where ever. It seemed like a dream! He worked when he wanted, where he wanted, how he wanted… too good to be true. (Yet he is STILL doing it!) Coaching and changing people’s lives while living his own dreams. And he told me I could do exactly what he was doing if I followed his steps! And so I did. Or at least I “attempted”.

In the next step, I needed to invest $7000.

Now before you go judging me and judging this guy, YES, that is a lot of money. Yes it seems a little fishy but here is some key information you don’t know.

  1. This guy was a GOOD friend of ours. I would trust him with my life. I honestly would. He was an honest man and I KNEW that from the get go. I had no problem with trusting him with anything.
  2. He had clients who were paying much more than my $7000. He was being kind to me. He helped a client bring home $10,000 just the week before. This was not new to him. He knew what he was doing.
  3. I knew that he could help me get where I wanted to be. I did not doubt that.

So I hope you did not judge me or my friend on any of this. It was a smart move for me. Potentially. 

But here’s the catch…. It was the WORST investment I ever made.

Not because I invested in him, it was because I believed I was investing in him.

I thought that I was paying him $7000 to make me like him. I thought I was investing in him. I thought he was my investment.

Now I bet you’re thinking “well isn’t he???” “Isn’t that what you paid him to do? Make you better? To make you like him?”

And the answer is no.

I did not pay him to make me like him.

I did not invest in him.

That money, that $7000, that was me trying to invest in me.

See… here’s the thing…. no matter what he taught or what he did or what he showed me or what he told me to do… only I could do it.

It was all on ME. It was Heilala that needed to do the work. It was Heilala that needed to put in the effort. It was Heilala that needed to do the assignments and the CORE 4 and the things that would make my systems go.

My problem was that I failed to understand that… I was really investing in me. He was just the teacher.

If you’re not understanding, let me put it this way.

When you go to college are you investing in the college/university of your choice?

The answer is technically yes. You expect them to teach you the necessary things you need for your degree. You are there for your eductation.


You are there for YOU.

Who has to put in the time?

Who has to turn in the homework?

Who has to study?

Who has to go to class?





You are investing in…. YOU.

Your education isn’t about the college or university. Yes, that does have to play a part of it. You want the best education from the best professors and the best institute possible… but YOU want this education for YOU. And YOU are the investment.

And that is what I lacked clarity on.

I was investing in ME>

I was merely paying this “institute” to give me the proper tools and education I needed.

Did he deliver???? OH YES HE DID>

He OVER delivered. He was way beyond the money I gave him.

This is how annoying it is… every “how to” and “click here” I entered and joined and watched and looked over, every MLM and business and training I attended, every single self development book I’ve read and listened to… it all came down to the same things he taught me. That’s what he taught me. ALL OF IT.

How to create wealth. How to create the body you want. How to develop amazing relationships. How to find fulfillment. He taught me all of that and MORE.

I know every lesson in the book.

If there were a test on all of that info, I would ACE IT LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS…

But here’s the catch…. how willing am I to invest in ME?

How willing am I to pay myself $7000 to get me where I want to be?????

Obviously, I never have been.

I never tried.

I never put in the work.

I never did the homework.

I never turned in the assignments.

I never went to class prepared.

I was too unwilling to invest in myself.

The one thing that would have changed the whole game for me. The one thing that would have made this the BEST investment I ever made would have been one simple thing.

All I needed to do was recognize that I was investing in ME.

I was paying ME.

I failed because I failed to see.

But now I see.

I started investing in me.

I now realize that I truly am what it takes to receive abundance in all aspects of life. 

I get it now. And I hope you do too.

And the best investment I ever made????


That’s a story for another day 😘 

Til then, remember…

You are loved.

You are wanted.

You are needed in this world today.

You are worth investing in. 

Thank you for being you.


-Lala G

PS. Part 2 will be out next week, don’t worry 😘