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My name is Heilala. I also go by Lala. I’m from Hawaii and in Hawaii we call every woman “aunty”. Hence the.. Aunty Lala.

I’m the random Aunt you didn’t know was your aunt but could still be your aunt. It’s interesting because you know a person from Hawaii when they call you Aunty or Sis. I have been called both by people of all ages. Some of whom are much older than I, but I’m totally ok with that.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband. I have 3 beautiful darling children and 1 special angel. I am your everyday mom. I cook. I clean. I go to work. I camp on social media. I have lots of friends. I have a wonderful family. I like to travel. I like to eat. I also like to go out to eat. I also like to look at things I would love to eat. I love eating.

This is just my place to share some thoughts and random things I feel like sharing. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment while you’re here!