The Importance of a COACH

Over the years, I’ve had various coaches. From a vocal coach to a speech/debate coach. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how important “coaches” are in our lives.

Last night, my sister and I had the opportunity to meet with a new vocal coach. It was an amazing experience. Now if you’ve ever heard Na’a sing , you know that she’s pretty legit. But for a few years now I’ve been trying to get her to meet with a vocal coach. She’s met with one a few times but not one like the one we went to last night. It was so amazing to watch this coach work at her craft. In a class of 6, each with a different style, she could hear where the improvement was needed and lead them to where she wanted them to reach. For my sister, she helped her open up and her sound became clear and so strong. She sang “Joyful, Joyful” and was able to reach up higher and stronger than she thought possible. She even helped me do the same. I’m a bit shy when it comes to singing, I’ve always been the background or the harmony, so solo is not my thing. But she was able to help me open up as well and find my voice in a way I never thought possible.

Recently, my husband and I started a real estate investment business and we are so privileged to work with mentors and coaches who are MASTERS at their craft. The founder, Kris Krohn often shares his story of success. He didn’t come from a family of money. He realized early on in his college career that the “plan” everyone else had (school, degree, job, retirement) wasn’t going to give him the financial freedom he wanted. So what did he do? He went and found 3 multimillionaires in real estate and asked them to be his mentors. He followed their plan to the TEE, and retired a year after graduating with 25 homes under his belt.

Coaches, mentors, leaders, whatever you want to call them, are masters at what they do. They’ve seen the solutions to problems you’re facing. They’ve been through what you have been through enough to know how to get you out of it. Knowledge isn’t enough. Knowledge is great, learning is great, but having someone show you HOW TO IMPLEMENT makes life so much easier!

Yes, you can learn it on your own.
Yes, you can try and try again.
Yes, you can get all the knowledge you want and try to implement what is being taught.

BUT, you can also be lead to where you want to go.
You can be taught exactly how to do things.
You can have someone show you exactly what you need to do to get where you need to go.

Yes, it takes work.
Yes, they can’t do it for you.
But they can help you along the way so you aren’t feeling out your way blindly.

In January, my husband and I got to be mentored by the infamous Setema Gali Jr . It has been a privilege to learn from a master about how to create the life you want. He led us to many books, insights, thoughts, processes that we weren’t even aware of. We finally realized we didn’t have the “tools” we needed to create the lives we wanted. He gave us those “tools” and we have been implementing them in our lives. Our lives may not be where we want them to be, but we have a plan set to get where we want to be. We would have been oblivious to this plan if it weren’t for the coach/mentor who lead us to it.

Life is full of coaches. Many whom you may not see as coaches, who are just a part of your life (mom, dad, aunt, uncle, teachers, friends, ect), and some who you can find and emulate your life after (role models, life coaches, ect).

Who are YOU allowing to mentor you in your life?
Who are you looking up to?
Who are you living your life after?
Who are you looking to for advice?

Like a voice coach, a business mentor, a life coach, what thoughts are you allowing into your head?
Do you believe in success? Or are you just watching others succeed and thinking you can never get there?

Is your social media filled with “haters” who you know watching their feed just drains the life out of you? Or is it filled with those who inspire and uplift you?
Is your circle of friends the group who gossips about everybody and they momma’s momma, or do they push you to see past your limits and realize your potential?
Is your head filled with “I can’t” “I’m not good enough” “why me” or are you filling it with “I can” “I am amazing” “life is beautiful”?

I can tell you right now the specific times in my life where I was the later. It’s only been recently. It’s because of the voices I decided to listen to IN and OUTSIDE of my head. The mentors I sought out help me find the right voice to listen to. They helped me see beyond my potential and realize life really is as beautiful as you perceive it to be.

Find the people who are living the life you WANT and get them to coach you, to mentor you, to help you see what’s going on in their head that got them to where they are at.

Get crazy and reach out to people you would never reach out to!

We did. And our results are starting to get pretty crazy.

What about YOU?